A comprehensive fleet management solution for both managers as well as drivers, and for  fleets of all sizes: small, medium, and commercial-sized

Intelligent fleet management

Advanced features of the app help you gain better fleet visibility, provide preventive maintenance alerts, & enhanced safety

Complete control

Monitor your vehicles, get detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behaviour, engine idling, etc. and use resources efficiently

Reduced Costs

Manage your expenses, and optimize your resources to bring down the operating as well as maintenance costs

Informed decisions

Real-time access to critical information such as location data, vehicle status, & driver behaviour facilitates informed decisions

Business benefits at a glance

  • Effective fleet management and utilization
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Improved fleet safety
  • Maximized driver & vehicle utilization
  • Better customer service
  • Service commitments met on time with optimised route suggestion
  • Ensure complete compliance
  • Saving on operational & maintenance costs
  • Reduced paperwork & duplicate data entry
  • Reduced downtime
  • Uninterrupted faster service resulting in improved customer satisfaction
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